Great Hyperspace War Campaign

Great Hyperspace War - Session 4

((can’t remember the name of the Jedi Master that looks like Yoda.. Feel free to make corrections))

The Sith are here!”, Senator Krida yelled out as the Senate Hall got bombarded by the massive warships that have appeared directly above us. Panic quickly spread amongst the Senators as the foundation of the building collapsed all around us. As the room quickly emptied, most of the senators managed to escape while some faced an unfortunate end from falling debris. A group of enemy Sith charged the room outnumbering us as we stood in the middle podium, helpless. I saw Senator Dain reveal 2 blaster pistols with the clear intention of fending off the attackers; I jumped off the platform and ran towards her. I saw Wrrlirr look up as the battle initiated around us. Following his gaze, I came to realise that the only thing holding the structure together is the energy field that formed the shield around the Senate hall. I told everyone to fall back, asking Elara to trust me as I continuously approached her.
As I got to the senator, more enemies approached from a rear entrance, trapping us in the middle of combat. I ran back to Wrrlirr telling him to shut down the energy shield but I was knocked unconscious by a piece of falling debris. I regained consciousness a few seconds later to the sound of M3-D1’s voice, and I quickly ran towards the exit. We managed to escape along with Elara as we got a message from Master Ooroo through the comlink asking us to make our way to the Jedi Temple immediately.

Elara let us use her speeder as she explained to us the importance of defending this last remaining symbol of the Republic in Coruscant. We went around the Temple to assess the situation and find anything that we can use to our advantage, to no avail. Eventually, we entered the temple where we were greeted by Master Ooroo who told us to defend the front entrances as the Padawans escaped to safety. Unsure about our ability to hold this front line and survive, I tried to look around for anything that can help us in the upcoming battle. I asked Jedi Master Nova if there were any extra firepower that he can provide to us, which he grievously replied to by telling us that there were neither extra men nor weapons that he could spare for our battle. As I assessd the possibility of collapsing the 2 front towers of the temple, completely sealing off the front entrance, I remembered about the stack of fragmentation grenades that we purchased a few days ago from the Undercity. I handed 4 of my grenades to Wrrlir and he quickly got to work, setting them up to be controlled by a remote detonator. We then all hid, preparing an ambush to a second wave of enemy attack.

It wasn’t long until we saw the significantly smaller-sized second wave of Sith attackers. I recognised that in addition to the creatures that we have encountered before at the Senate building, there were also 2 Mandalorians that were marching towards us. Trying to find the best window of opportunity, Wrrlir blew up the 1st grenade, severely wounding 4 of the 7 enemies approaching. Battle ensued, with us having the advantage of being the defenders. As the creatures approached quicker than we have timed, I threw my last remaining grenade towards 2 of the closest enemies, in the hopes of setting off one of the grenades that we have planted on the ground. It worked, causing great damage to 5 of the creatures. The 2 Mandalorians flew straight towards us at the back while Punar and Kylar held the front lines. I continuously checked the halls behind me to see if the Padawans have all escaped, or if there any other enemies that would try to flank us from the rear. One of the Mandalorians turned around and started setting fire to Wrrlir with his jetpack. Wrrlir, disregarding the fact that he was just set ablaze threw a grenade towards the 2 Mandalorians in front of us. I saw that the 2 other Jedis who were trying to help us have fallen in battle, and I’ve realised that Punar and Kylar won’t be able to hold the front much longer. I came to assist them as M3-D1 extinguished the fire that’s quickly consuming the hairy wookie. Preoccupied by the battle in front of me, I didn’t realise that the other Mandalorian had aimed his own jetpack towards Elara. I turned around and tried to help her but there was nothing I could’ve done, as she was already dead by the time the battle was over. I carried her in my arms as Ooroo came to tell us that the Padawans have all escaped. As we looked out of the Temple we saw an impending army of Sith lead by an ominous figure coming towards us. Ooroo told us to leave and get to safety. I brought the body of Elara with me for some reason that I wasn’t certain about at the time. I just really felt like I didn’t want to let her go, to leave her behind. We watched as Ooroo sacrificed himself by making the 2 gigantic towers collapse all around him and the army of Sith. We watched him die in front of us, as he sacrificed himself to make sure of our survival. However, the figure came out of the rubble, seemingly unharmed, retreating. Jedi Master Nova approached and told us that we can end the war if we manage to intercept the Dark Lord’s ship. However, we hear Vox talking to us in the com-link, obviously in pain. We lost contact of him before we found out anything about his situation. We quickly debated whether to go to the Dark Lord or rescue our captain. Overcome by my friendship with Vox, I decided that we shall go and rescue him. However, as we were about to leave, (Yoda) stopped Kylar and told him that this is a mission that he couldn’t refuse. As we separated from Kylar I asked him if he needed my assistance. I was sure that Vox would’ve understood, and I was almost certain that he would’ve done the same if he was in the same situation. However, Kylar decided to go without me, and so Punar, Wrrlir and I set off to find Vox.

We arrived at a chaotic scene where Vox is lying on the floor, bleeding excessively as he tried to defend the civilians that were trying to run towards the escape pods. Weighing in all of our options, I’ve decided that the best thing to do was to bring Vox with us to safety at the Black Nova, which was almost directly right behind us. As we started to fall back and I explained my decision to Vox, he told me that he specifically got into this mess in order to help the civilians survive. After telling him that it was indeed a lost cause, he called me a coward. Overcome by emotions, I charged at the enemies hoping to attract their attention away from the injured captain, and also all the other civilians. I ran into the middle of combat with the intention of dying, for Vox, for Ooroo, for Elara, for the Republic. Aiming my pistols at the creatures, 2 of them charged at me with their axe suspended high in the air, ready to swing. All I could do was watch helplessly as I saw my quickly approaching death charge towards me.

I was awoken a few minutes later by Punar. I took a few seconds to realise what had happened, and that the battle was over. I quickly got up and rushed towards Vox, but it wasn’t the sight I had hoped to see. Vox is lying dead in a pool of his own blood. None of the civilians had managed to escape, and I felt like we had failed our old captain…

It had been a very grave day for the Republic. With the lost of so many heroic lives, and countless more innocent ones; it was at least comforting to know that we have managed to be victorious against the Sith’s surprise invasion. However, we have all agreed that surely there will be more following this initial attack. There is obviously an upcoming war and we can only guess what, when and how the enemies will attack next.
Kylar have earned his rank as a Jedi Knight through his efforts during the past few days. And without Vox to lead the crew, the Black Nova has now fallen to the shared ownership of me, Punar and Wrrlir.
And for some bizarre reason, I just have a really bad feeling about this…


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