Great Hyperspace War Campaign

Great Hyperspace War - Session 5

((this is the short session that we had on the Friday night to get back into it and figure out where the rest of the weekend was heading))

Still overcome by the sadness and anger caused by the death of our captain and Elara, 4 weeks later and I still haven’t spoken much to anyone, at all. I felt like everyone and everything else around me deserved the same level of suffering as I was experiencing, and so with every chance that I got I made sure that everyone felt the same negative energy as I did. Aside from that, I spent most of my days keeping to myself; thinking.

The Empress invited Kylar, Punar, Wrrlirr and me to a dinner. She has provided us a home since the Attack of Coruscant, but even so, there wasn’t much dialogue going in within her household.
Taking our seats on the table, we began our meal in silence. The food was incredible, of course, and yet no one showed any sort of appreciation, or even any attempts at conversation. Until the Empress finally spoke. Not paying much attention to what she was saying, I barely remember what she had actually said. She spoke about our encounter with the Sith, and everything that had happened on that day. I spoke with much bitterness towards her; it was harsh, even I would admit this, but my tongue just lashed out words that the Empress didn’t deserve. She started feeling guilty about the outcome of the attack. Like it was all her fault.
Being the stubborn Twi’lek that I am, I let her suffer…

The Empress, feeling like there was no point in going on with this conversation, eventually changed the topic. I could tell that she had no idea how to get her point across, so she just ended up saying it, “Vox and I have a child together”. This caught me by surprise, as I’m sure it would’ve to everyone else in that room. She was surprised that this was news to us, Vox’s crew. I can tell that she was almost upset by it. But she quickly got herself together and continued.
She told us how her daughter was kidnapped 4 years ago. Her kidnappers asked for ransom in exchange for their daughter, but after coming to the meeting place with the money, the kidnappers never showed. This is the reason why Vox left the life of a noble and became a mercenary – to find his daughter.
The Empress asked us, begged us to look for her daughter. Just as I was about to reply, suddenly the sounds around me were somehow blocked out as my vision started to dim, as if being overcome by a grey mist.

For a split second all I saw was darkness, until I saw a white room. In it, a single seed. The seed suddenly sprouted into a shoot, which quickly grew into a plant, which quickly turned into a tree that kept on growing bigger and bigger. Around it grew other trees. Until eventually my vision was covered with gigantic, luscious trees. And then there was a fire. A fire that quickly spread from the trunk of the tree onto its branches. As the leaves caught on fire, the flames quickly spread from one tree to the others, turning this vision into a blazing inferno.

I was woken up by the sound of the Empress’ voice, as she slapped my face back into consciousness. “What happened?”, she asked. But it was the Jedi who spoke first. He tried to explain the vision to the Empress; the wookiee, being angrier by the minute was just being hysterical, continually saying that we must go to Kashyyyk. The whole time, I was just confused. Wondering what the vision was, what it means, and why was it shared by the 4 of us, but not the Empress. We all left the dining room in a hurry, momentarily forgetting our previous grievances.
Kylar contacted the Jedi Council in Coruscant to inform them of our vision. In the mean time, we tried to reason out with Wrrlirr, but the whole time he was just raging at the fact that we haven’t made any move towards Kashyyyk yet. I thought it would be unwise to travel to Kashyyyk regardless of what the vision means. Especially since the Sith invasion over the lost worlds.

In the end, we find ourselves travelling to Kashyyyk with the Empress and the Jedi. Whilst in hyperspace, we get a holocall in the cockpit. We answered the transmission and saw a confident male figure appear. He introduced himself as WHATSHISNAME?, which I believe is one of the few heads of the Exchange. He told us that Vox owed them 1 million credits, and that we are now responsible for repaying this debt. We recorded the conversation, but before we found out any more, Punar turned the holocam off. Suddenly the power in the Black Nova started failing, and we found ourselves drifting through space.

We quickly got to work, trying to find and repair the damges in the ship. It wasn’t long until the first shots were fired. With the power generator down, we sat there vulnerable. The Black Nova was barely holding off when enemies started boarding our ship. A fight broke out, our ship badly damaged; until Wrrlirr finally managed to get the generators working again. We were able to turn our energy shield on and were about to jump back into hyperspace when suddenly we were fired upon by the enemy ships outside. Our shield died down and more enemy reinforcements boarded our ship. We finally jumped into hyperspace, just managing to escape a grave fate. We managed to defeat the remaining enemies in our ship, and just as we started to catch our breaths another transmission went through. Again recording the conversation, we answered it. It was WHATSHISNAME again. Openly admitting that the attack was his way of emphasising his point about repaying Vox’s debts. He said that we can either repay the 1 million credits, or do a specific job for him whenever he needs us to do it. He wouldn’t give away much information, aside from the fact that if we are to take on his offer, we are to go to Coruscant to meet with his ambassadors. If we are to decline, then we would be assassinated. Confident, he shut the transmission off as we finally reached Kashyyyk. Which looked as peaceful as ever, as opposed to the burning wreck that we saw in our vision…


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