Corsis Baal

Leader of the Koros Rebellion


Mining is such an integral part of the Koros system and so those in charge of the mining, were also in charge of the planet. Corsis Baal has long enjoyed the fruits of explotation. Orginally born on Koros Major, Baal moved to Ronnika to further his ambitions. He soon found himself at the top of the food chain and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Since Ronnika was a power to itself, Baal began instigating changes that grew his wealth, at the cost of his workers. Baal ran a tight organisation and those that voiced opposition very rarely spoke again.

When Empress Teta announced the unification Baal was strictly opposed, too gluttonous to let go of the empire he had built for himself. As others rallied around his cry he began to form an opposition. Fearing the Empress’ success he had an attempted assassination and coup ordered. After it’s failure the Unification Wars began. Caught on the backfoot due to the failed assassination, Baal found his smaller force staring down the much larger force of the Empress. Taking advantadge of his wealth, Baal was able to hire and organise large numbers of mercenaries and pirates to join his cause.

He is a selfish man and would stop at nothing to see Empress Teta dead by his hand.

After his defeat at Phoros, Baal was forced to push back his forces to his capital of Ronnika. There he was prearing for a final stang against Empress Teta. He welcomed Empress Teta’s peace party as a ploy to attempt to capture Jedi Master Ooroo. This ploy unfortunately was foiled and Baal was killed in the process. It was revealed that Baal was actually a pawn of the Sith Empire and answered directly to Saphira Ecalp.

Corsis Baal

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