Elor Tenash


Elor was a native inhabitant of the Twi’lek homeplanet of Ryloth. Living contently with his wife, Senseri, they worked their own farm and planned on starting a family after their next harvest.

One fine morning, Elor packed the last batch of their harvest to be transported to the market. Unbeknownst to them both, that was to be the last time that they would see each other.

After inquiring from his neighbours, Elor learned that whilst he was away, slavers stormed into their farm and snatched Senseri away. Soon after, Elor sold all his belongings and swore to search for his beloved wife all throughout the galaxy.

A decade later, Elor still haven’t found his wife. Believing her to be dead, he shifted his focus from searching for her to liberating Twi’lek slaves. The kidnapping of his wife has opened his eyes and changed his impartial view to slavery.

After a few years, Elor managed to gather a few other like-minded vigilants of his own species. He formed his own group of Twi’lek liberators that targetted big groups of known slavers and smugglers – one of which is the reknown criminal organisation, The Exchange.

Of course, his efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and soon, The Exchange have started sending bounty hunters to cull this group of liberators from the head.

One of the group sent to kill Elor was the crew of the Black Nova. Using his own passion against the enslavement of Twi’lek slaves, the leader of the Exchange decieved and managed to convince Runan into thinking that Elor was a Twi’lek slaver himself.

After the crew of the Black Nova infiltrated Elor’s warehouse in Nar Shaddaa, a massive gunfight ensued. Wanting to confront and interrogate Elor, Runan never got the chance as he was knocked unconscious during the battle. When he awoke, he saw the bodies of dead Twi’leks around the warehouse, one of which, was the decapitated body of Elor Tenash.

Elor Tenash

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