Jedi Master Ooroo

Jedi Master to Padawan Ecalp


Celegian’s were rarely force sensitive though Ooroo was an exception to this rule. Trained as a Jedi, Ooroo excelled to the rank of Master towards his later years. As oxygen is lethal for Celegians, he was made to live in a tank that kept him in a breathable atmosphere. He despised combat, preferring to settle arguments through peaceful means, but had a useful retinue of force powers should the situation become irreconcilable. He is a selfless individual who believes greatly in the ideals and power of the light side of the force. He was also a believer of a Jedi’s responsibility to the galaxy but more importantly, to the Force.

Ooroo ran a small praxeum on Ossus to help train Jedi. One Jedi in particular is Padawan Ecalp, whom he found and rescued from slavers at a young age. Proud of his padawan, Ooroo encourages wherever possible in the hopes to help his student achieve, learn and grow.

When the Sith launched an unexpected attack against the Republic the Jedi, although caught off-guard, managed to defend the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. However, it came at a great cost. Just as the Dark Lord of the Sith marched towards the temple with thousands of his best soldiers, and hope was quickly soaked out of the Republic’s defenders; Ooroo, all while reciting the Jedi Code, used his awesome use of the Force to cause the towers of the Temple to collapse crushing him and the attackers under the rubble signifying the victory against the Sith’s surprise attack.

Jedi Master Ooroo

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