Kylar Ecalp

A young Human/Saiyan Jedi looking to further improve himself in the code and in the eyes of his Jedi mentors.


Kylar Ecalp is a very young Jedi taken tutelage under the un-orthodox Jedi Master Ooroo he is a determined Jedi and while lacks a bit in choosing the right decisions to make under pressure master Ooroo assures hime it will come in time with the force.
Kylar also dedicates himself to his skill in sword play with dual weapons sometimes ignoring his tutelage and studies to do so but still always try’s his best to help his Master at any opportunity always happy to do what duty is his for the Jedi.


Kylar Ecalp grew up on the planet Nar Shaddaa a planet ensnared by the control of the exchange. slavery an poor life style is what Kylar grew up with but being a child he never realized the effect it had on his family.
Kylar and his sister Saphira Ecalp grew up always getting into trouble mostly because of Kylar himself but he always manage to work himself his sister and the rest of his family out of the thick of it even slipping through the fingers of the exchange many a time through his missed adventures he met a girl named Lacey-Masa and as Kylar got him her and Saphira into more trouble and out of it they grew to be very good friends, Kylar considered himself lucky but as he learns more about the Jedi and the Force he starts to realize that this may not just be luck.

Kylar, Lacey and Saphira always enjoyed stories told by an this odd lady named Jan-Minsc they were about the Jedi and there nack for adventure and fortune of luck as well as there amazing sword play with there majestic lightsabers.
Kylar, Lacey and Saphira would always come every day to Minsc for more stories of the Jedi both listened to the stories she told in awe Saphira of the heroic morals of the Jedi and there rightfulness rule of the force and eagerness to help the needing when they could, Kylar the swordplay and ability to defend the weak and themselves with the force as an ally.

Both Kylar, Lacey and Saphira enjoyed Minsc’s stories until one day she disappeared.
Months after Minsc’s disappearance the Exchange started to comb Na Shuddaa for a Jedi who apparently smuggled themself onto Nar Shuddaa the exchange barged into Kylars family home not believing Kylars mother once that she wasn’t hiding the Jedi confused Kylar as they couldnt find anyone in there house and yet they persisted until it was revealed by the leader of the exchange hunt group that Kylars father who he had never met was a Jedi, although this evoked a bit of pride in his unknown father he was also upset that he was never told about his father being a Jedi.

After this was revealed Kylars mother Denied that his father was indeed a Jedi. As exchange started put cuffs on his mother and restraining the rest of his family Kylar and Saphira ran. Both Kylar and Saphira both new were the best spots to hide were but both thought that Minsc’s old quarters were there best bet as they both knew of a almost inadvisable cupboard in her old quarters were she stayed they arrived there to see that something was already there what appeared to be a floating brain as it turned towards them a telekinetic voice sounded in both Kylars n Saphiras head the voice said stay calm im Jedi Master Ooroo i am this what u would call floating brain before u follow me and i shall free you of the exchange.
Not knowing what else to do but excited by the knowledge that they had just seen there first real Jedi they chose to trust him. Ooroo assisted them to the hangers were a strange ship was docked at the front was Minsc!

As they ran towards her she yelled at them to board the ship and they did so the ship immediately lifted off and shot of into space.
While on the ship Minsc explained that she knew there father and told them that he was her master and the Jedi in most of the stories she told and that they were going to the planet were he trained her as a Jedi and were u will be trained as Jedi this excited Kylar and Saphira but both worried for there family back at Na Shaddaa but both Minsc and Ooroo assured them that they would be fine as they arived at there destination Minsc received a privet message on her comlink the news distressed her much as she just learned that her master and Kylars and Saphiras father had gone to the outer galaxies to explore the outer regions but has not contacted with reports for months and fears the worse the worse at this news Minsc takes it under her belt to look for her master and find out what happened.
Both Kylar and Saphira also wanted to go but Minsc said that they should stay with master Ooroo and train in the ways of the Jedi both Kylar and Saphira were disappointed by this and Saphira felt frustrated by this master Ooroo noticed this and said that he can only have one apprentice and while Minsc wasnt going to take Saphira with her she would be a worthy mentor for her and that he would help Saphira find a crew that would have her to do as she wished as an independent or organize transport to Coruscant to be trained there Saphira chose to find a crew as she didnt want to be a Jedi until she felt like she was ready to take it on.

Master Ooroo respected her choice and helped her find a crew and and Kylar helped her train in sword play, so that if she needed to, she could help there family if she ever got the chance, and so he knew she would be able to help herself with what skills he could teach her although she hadnt mastered these skills as well as Kylar he was still happy that they would help her were ever she went and with the help of Ooroo she had found a crew and departed Ooroo gave her a comlink so that she could contact him and Kylar.
And so Kylars journey as a Jedi padawan began under master Ooroo Kylar learnt quickly and he adapted to the use of the lightsaber with quickness that surprised even master Ooroo although he never said but suplide Kylar with a vibroblade to give him somthing to work with seeing that Kylar would be a Jedi unmatched in sword play and could have briliant control of the force if he trained hard.

But as every day passed Kylar missed his family and just as much Lacey he missed her fondness of adventure and everyday he wish he could visit her and imagined how amazed she would be to find that he had become a Jedi but his training had to come first. Kylar and Master Ooroo took to training on field completing together many missions for the Jedi whilst keeping contact with Saphira who had discovered there family had been ported to another planet by the exchange but were indeed safe as master Ooroo had assured Saphira had also became interested in the galaxy and was now a captain of a ship and wished to further explore the galaxy but before she left she wanted to visit Kylar one more time to say goodby as she would be traveling as far as shes ever had before and that she would most likely be out of comlink range but promised she would send word every month of everything she discovered and with that she left with her crew.

Many months had pasted each month a detailed report arived from Saphira of discoveries and meetings of new species and all kinds of information until on month nothing this disturbed Kylar as more months past searches went out with no success and the worst was assumed Kylar desperatly wanted to search for her but master Ooroo had no sooner received another mission from the Jedi of Coruscant and they were on a ship called the Red Nover captained by a man named Vox and Kylar sensed that his adventure had only just began.

Kylar Ecalp

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