Punar Sar Minks

A Gungan Scout named Punar Sar Minks, who lived on the planet Naboo. Specialises in survival, endurance, stealth and perception


Born as a tadpole on the planet Naboo he did not remember much of his youth as a tadpole. His first solid memory was when he was 4, taking his first steps onto land. There was a celebration with their parents(Yon Mar Sar Minks and Min Sar Minks) and Boss Maya Dun Prudel was there to initiate. He was given the name Punar Sar Minks. This symbolizes the first ritual to the next step in Gungan life. He was taken home. He grew up in a strong and loving family. His father always taught him that honesty and taking responsibility was important and to respect everyone. His father has been a detective for 10 years, and well known as a strong hunter. He would track criminals and bring them to justice. He would take Punar Sar on hunting trips and taught him the importance of his surroundings and what to look for. He taught him the basic survival techniques. He always grew a love for space exploration and knowing what else is out there. At a young age his mother use to tell him stories of aliens, travelling into space and Gungan legends who conquered the stars.

At school, he learnt how to speak Gungan and Basic. He loved politics, history and Geography. He was neither popular nor hated. Every night Punar Sar would look out to the night sky and wanting to be someone who can change the world. He wanted his life to be meaningful and typical life was boring for him. When he was 7, her mother died from illness. This distressed him. This is where he started going downhill. Fights at school, grades were dropping. He met these few friends who like to cause trouble and many times Punar Sar would be caught in the middle of it and although it went against his conscience, Punar Sar was usually pressured into participating. One time a few of their friends wanted to vandalise property. Punar Sar was against such idea, however after taunts towards him being weak and scared, and his anger building up he was sucked in. As they were vandalizing, the authorities caught them in the act. Punar Sar’s father was so ashamed and embaressed and during a verbal conflict with his son, he hit him straight in the face saying that he has disgraced the family’s name. Punar Sar was shocked and for the first time fearful of his father. As Punar Sar was a teenager at this stage, Boss Maya Dun Prudel made the decision not to give the boys a severe punishment but sentenced him to serve the Grand Army and to study at the military college to learn about discipline for 2 years.

For the next year or so he was taught discipline and how to use GunGan weapons and machinery. He was isolated from all of his friends and family from home. In the army they played to his strength. During his 2nd year they started to specialize his training under General Tazman Hun. He was to scout ahead and training to spy on the enemies. He excelled in his training because he wanted so badly to gain his father respect again and do him proud. Time in the army gave Punar Sar a lot to think. After 2 years of his training was complete and his punishment cleared he headed back home only to find his dad was murdered. He didn’t even had a chance to say goodbye. This infuriated him. It also didn’t help that everyone treated him as a criminal as they still knew of his crime. In Gungan society laws are very strict and minor crimes are seen to be hurtful to the society. Punar Sar made it his mission to track these criminals down. Over the next few months he tracked the clues to a GunGan called Tamar Sanil, who seem to be highly powerful – Body guards and people who he orders. Punar sar tracked his steps, waiting for one moment where he was vulnerable and one day he knew he had a chance, possibly his only chance. He confronted him at his home with 2 bodyguards. Punar Sar tried to keep calm at all time even though every blood in his body just wanted him to lose control. A surprised attack from Punar Sar wounded him in the chest. Two of his body guards tried to pull out his weapons but before he could they were on the ground. His quick fighting skills allowed him to successfully fight 3 of them off, however Tamar got upn and pulled out a knife whilst Punar Sar was distracted, but Punar Sar disarmed him, hit him to the ground and stabbed him through the chest. His anger was running through his blood, but he looked at his hands and realizing that if he is not careful his anger will consume him. Knowing that if the Gungan authority did not find him the criminal syndicates will. Before he left he found some documents that may suggest that the man he killed was part of a higher criminal organisation and that Tamar Sinil wasn’t at the top of that chain. He also found a crystal which the people of Naboo usually give as gifts. Still trying to avenge his father’s death he swore that one day when he ever gets the chance he will avenge his father’s death.

He lived by himself for the next few month in the jungle as he knew he was hated by the Gungans, but he hate more of what he thought was becoming. He still wanted to change the world for the better, but his blood spoke of only revenge. He noticed from the documents that the people higher up the chain were from different worlds, however he suspected that the next lead may be in hecity of Naboo from the object in found in Tamar Sinil’s room. But all this was dream talk. He is living in a jungle, never been to any different societies before but his own and noone to help him. However Fate was on his side not too long after. One day he was foraging for food, as he saw a group of humans. Although he read and heard about humans, this was the first time he ever saw a human. He was intrigued and curious about them even though Gungans saw them as weak creatures. At that moment a bursa came out and attacked them. Knowing that the bursa will kill them, he jumped out distracted and challenged the Bursa. Punar Sar was barley dodging the Bursa’s fatal blows yet he would always strike when he had the chance. He manage to run to cover temporaily as he found a way to destroy the beast. As the Bursa came towards him the Bursa became stuck in a hole in the ground. Punar sar climbed up the small cliff knowing there was a rock above it and pushing it down slained the Bursa.

He introduced himself to them and they thanked him. There was 5 of them. Captain Huff, Merl, Ric, Sio and Jamillia. They thought they can benefit from the Gungan skills and invited him to join them. He was sold when they realise they travel to different star galaxies, but also who live on human inhabitant of Naboo – the next clue to finding this criminal syndicate and putting an end to their reign. There wasn’t much left in the Gungan city for him too. Finally a chance to avenge his father and do him proud. This was his first chance to accomplish his dream and adventure where no Gungan has adventured before. But he swore he will be back to protect the family name.

(to be continued -In his journeys he learnt more about the Republic and the rumours of threat to the peace of the universe. He went to the homeworld of Naboo with the humans)

Punar Sar Minks

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