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One of the 3 members of Silus Vox’s crew in the Black Nova. Runan is known to be protective, selfless and always looks at the bigger picture. After the death of their captain, however, he became a partial owner of the state of the art ship, and had begun an adventurous tale across the galaxy during the time of the Great Hyperspace Wars.

He is currently working on a Biography called “The Adventures of an Exile”
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Nilim’olan was known throughout most of Ryloth. At a very young age, he was chosen to be one of the heads of the Olan clan. This was mostly due to the fact that he is a Lethan who has an unnaturally long lekku. Both of which, are significant symbols of greatness in Twi’lek culture. He was also a very talented hunter, known to wield Twi’lek daggers with such skill that no one has ever seen before; emphasised by the fact that Twi’leks aren’t particularly that keen in melee combat, or any combat at all.

Ryloth was discovered by the Republic 5 millenias before Nilim was born, and Ryloth joined the Republic soon after being discovered. However, over the years the Twi’leks became more and more abused due to their lifestyle. They were enslaved, traded, and were forced to mine for ryll spice for the sole benefit of the criminal cartels. But even then, Twi’leks continued to live happily; staying true to a local proverb that states “one cannot defeat a heat storm, one must ride it”.
One day, a group of smugglers came to Olan to take Twi’lek women. This was not a new occurrence, and it was understood that they will be sold to be dancers in other planets. They saw this as a great opportunity to travel, earn money and make a living.
Just as the smugglers were leaving with their Twi’lek “merchandise”, Nilim’olan came out of his home to see Hirani being taken away with them. Hirani and Nilim have known each other for a long time, and have grown closer and closer together. Nilim have always been against the Hutt’s activities in Ryloth, seeing it as abuse, rather than an opportunity. The thought of Hirani being taken away to be enslaved ignited the flame within Nilim, who rushed towards the smugglers who weren’t expecting a Twi’lek to attack. Wielding a dagger on his left and right hands, he ended up single-handedly killing the whole band of criminals.
Word eventually got to the Hutt leader of the cartel, and instead of reacting aggressively, he decided to stop their activities in Olan altogether. This enraged all of the members of the clan and they decided to outcast Nilim from their lands.
Nilim Olan survived in the wild, but eventually managed to smuggle himself out of Ryloth. He ended up in [[:Nar Shaadda]], and upon his arrival, a Kel Dor force-user sliced off a chunk of his left lekku with a lightsaber. He was also quickly shunned from the city due to the foreign idea of having an independent Twi’lek in [[:Nar Shaadda]]. He lived in the outskirts and eventually became a violent criminal.

One evening, Nilim, who now calls himself Runan’olan (meaning exiled from Olan), spotted a female Pau’an walking along a quiet street. He snuck up behind her and waited for the perfect moment to reveal his dagger and steal the Pau’ans belongings. But as he was doing so, he suddenly remembered Hirani’olan, which of course, made him lose concentration. The Pau’an saw the dagger and ran away screaming. Runan, upon realising what had just happened fled the scene and resorted to the closest ruins he can find. As he sat there, he thought about what he has turned into, realising that he had become exactly just like those criminals back in Ryloth, which is the very reason why he was outcast in the first place. Remorse, regret and misery came rushing through him as he thought back to the good old life he used to have in Olan.
As soon as he woke up the next morning, he set out to live in the forest, as a sort of self-punishment, but partly also to hide from the authorities.
Runan became a vigilante, cleaning the shady world of [[:Nar Shaadda]] from criminals. His intentions are well, but his ways are questionnable. Sneaking behind his targets and slicing their throat with a vibroblade before they even had the chance to defend themselves, news of his antics has been passed around the locals and visitors alike.

The captain of the [[:Red Nova]]: Silus Vox, was one of the people who has heard of Runan. One day, while docked at [[:Nar Shaadda]], he decided to set out to find the Twi’lek. It was difficult, but Vox was an experienced adventurer himself, and eventually he found who he was looking for.
He recruited Runan, who joined Vox’s company without much hesitation.
However, unknown to Vox and his crew, Runan has a great fear of force-users due to his first experience in [[:Nar Shaadda]]. He has always been aware of The Force ever since he was a young Twi’lek in Ryloth, and since that incident, he had set out to find a master that will train him in the way of the force. When he asked Vox for anyone that might be interested in training him, so he can defend himself against lightsabers, Vox mentioned that there is another alternative. Vox told him about a rare mineral that is found in the Outer Rim, Cortosis, which can be smithed into a weapon to make it invulnerable from lightsaber attacks. With this knowledge, Runan began his hunt for the mineral.


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