Saphira Ecalp

Scion of the Sith Empire


Supposed twin sister to Kylar Ecalp, Saphira was a hyperspace explorer for The Republic. Being a force sensitive herself, she chose not to join the Jedi Order like her brother and enter a world of exploration and risk.

Five years ago, when exploring an unknown route, she was lost and never heard from again. Given the risk involved with Hyperspace exploration, there was little effort in trying to resuce her and her small crew. They were all presumed dead, although Kylar had never given up hope. In truth she had stumbled across the hidden The Sith Empire.

Little is known about her interactions with the Empire but it was made certain that she became a Scion or Apprentice to their leader. Under this leader she was trained to use the Dark Side of the force and became in turn herself a powerful force user.

Discovered in the Koros Major system by Kylar and the others, they foiled her attempt to steal Force Crystals and uncovered a plot where Corsis Baal, leader of the Rebellion was under her control. She was killed in the final battle of the Unification Wars.

Saphira Ecalp

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