Senator Elara Dain

Republic Senator for Alderaan


Righteous and graceful are the two words that often come to describe Senator Dain. Exceptionally young for a Republic Senator, she has held her post well for the last 4 years. Most male Senators would describe her as disarmingly beautiful and she has been known to use that to her advantadge, however, her morals have never come in to question. An exceptional politician, she seems to constantly have the greater picture in mind and has been described as tricky to read.

She has a keen interest in the botanical world and her office is often seen with rare and glorious specimens of the Galaxy.

She is the chief opposition to the Republic Defense effort and regards figures such as Empress Teta as warmongers, quick to react to a threat that doesn’t exist.

After eventually deciding to support the cause of the Republic Defense effort, she became one of the main characters who helped persuade the Senate into preparing against a Sith invasion. However, it was all too late as the Sith attacked Coruscant during the Senate hearing; during which, she stayed back and fought in a desperate attempt to defend the Republic, thus eventually causing her death.

Senator Elara Dain

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