Senator Krida

Republic Senator for Rodia


Long standing Senator for Rodia, he is known for being two things, blunt and ruthless. He uses his political clout openly and crashly to achieve his needs. Many on Rodia see him as a shining example of Rodian tenacity, others see him as a corrupt bully. He has certainly carved a place for Rodia in the Republic which is no small feat given how new it is to the Galactic stage.

He is the primary supporter for the Republic preparing for the imminent Sith invasion. He claims that any threat to the Republic should be met with due force. He has no qualms with hiding the fact that a war effort will greatly increase Rodia’s exports, in fact he openly discusses it.

Senator Krida is also known for his taste in ‘slaves’. He has quite the collection ranging from a great many species. Slavery has been abolished throughout the Republic and although Krida employs these slaves exceptionally well, they are essentially treated as such.

Senator Krida

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