Silus Vox

Captain of the Red Nova


Proud and sturdy. The captain of the Red Nova (later the Black Nova) has long had a reputation amongst pilots and smugglers. Originally a corrupt noble, he was forced into destitution by rival nobles. Turning to a life of crime Vox began to clean up his act after a benefactor and old friend gave him the Red Nova as a gift along with the dying command for Vox to build a meaningful life for himself.

Since then Vox has taken to privateering, taking jobs for inter-planetary governments, anything from protection to smuggling. His crew has three members and although he will never admit to them out loud, he has taken them on board to give them the same second chance that was given to him.

He is loyal to his crew, always having their best interests in mind, wanting at all times to keep them fed and keep them busy. As Vox knows too well: “a busy crew doesn’t have time to remember the past, a busy crew doesn’t have time to fear the future.”

On the initial attack of the Sith against the Republic, Vox was caught in the middle of action as civilians tried to flee Coruscant. Without the aid of his crew, he tried to hold back the attackers as he kept a clear way for the panicking civilians. Heavily outnumbered, he was severely injured before help had arrived. After much effort in trying to save him, Vox eventually died in the presence of his crew.

Silus Vox

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