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Born into loyal lineage as “Stabacca” in Rwookrrorro, the capital of the Wookie home world, Kashyyyk. He is the youngest grandson of the great Bacca and as such, great expectations were placed on him from a very young age.
However, from childhood he was often taunted by his peers for his unusual small size, he was often called the runt of the litter. Throughout his adolescence he begun to turn away from the warrior traditions of his people, preferring to focus his time on his insatiable curiosity and ability with machinery which was unusually strong even for a Wookie (he created a means of travelling to the shadow lands via a rope and pulley system, rather than simply climbing down the massive trees – something that was frowned upon by the elders)
Just days before his coming age however, things took a massive turn for the worse. Having stopped growing at just over a measly 2 meters, Stabacca visited the hut of his childhood sweetheart, Kiral. Having been pack mates for years, he had developed a deeper attraction to her for awhile, but never had the courage so readily expected of a Wookie to ask her, until now. Having explained how he truly felt for her, she told him how she had guessed this some time ago, yet had fallen for another, Chewral, who just happened to enter the hut.
Chewral was one of the biggest, most athletic Wookies of the generation, who had been responsible for a great deal of Stabacca’s torment, as well as labelling him as the runt. Stabacca flew into a rage that the Wookies are infamous for, but was fighting a losing battle from the start. In a moment of sheer desperation, Stabacca unleashed his claws and swiped at his foe’s face, leaving several grievous cuts on his face, and as he was about to go for the throat he was dragged away and restrained by several others who had heard the commotion and entered. After Stabacca had exhausted his rage he was brought to trial and labelled a Madclaw; he was now without clan, family or friend, his own people now regarded him as little more than a beast. To make matters worse he had brought blemish to the name Bacca and as such was renamed “Wrrlirr”, Wookie for wild one (a title he accepted and used from then on).
Wrrlirr then fled the scorn of his people and hid in the shadow lands, where he wished for little more than a warrior’s death. A couple of days later whilst foraging for food he was set upon by a wild Terentatek. Once more, without realizing it, during melee combat he unsheathed his claws and inflicted severe cuts on the beast, but not before it did the same for him. As he lay in agony, he vowed to never engage an enemy in melee combat again, lest he demean himself even further.
Wrrlirr dropped in and out of consciousness for a number of days, until a Corellian scout (exploring the planet’s surface for mining opportunities), found him and nursed him back to health. On recovery, Wrrlirr pledged a life-debt to the stranger, vowing to follow him until he had paid off the debt. In the coming years Wrrlirr felt as if he truly belonged and was truly happy for the first time, finally able to feed his curiosity for machinery and computers without scorn. He quickly became an expert in all related fields, the technology of the outside galaxy filling him with wonder and awe.
However, approximately two years after having first met the stranger, tragedy once again hit Wrrlirr. He and the Corellian were smuggling spice into Ryloth (a fairly standard mission), until it hit a snare. They had been set up by a rival to their Huttese employer; there was an ambush set up and the drop of point and a fire fight broke out. The Corellian engaged three Rodians in vibroblade to vibroblade combat, and it quickly became evident that the Corellian was struggling against the superior numbers. Wrrlirr carefully aimed his trusty bowcaster into the fracas, but was assaulted from the side just as he took the shot; as he fell to the ground, he saw the searing hot bolt of plasma pierce the back of his onetime savoir.
Wrrlirr’s world came crashing down around him, and he felt a searing rage boil over, dwarfing anything he felt before. He slaughtered the remaining Rodians with his hands and has an immediate distrust and disliking of all Rodians. Wrrlirr’s loyalty to his Corellian friend overruled all other vows he had made and all traditions of his people; he made one new vow – to avenge the death of his friend and to discover who had set them up and bring a most painful end to their life.
As the campaign begins, Wrrlirr’s primary motive is to track down those responsible for the attack. He no longer adheres to the ancient traditions of his people and will use whatever means necessary to achieve his goals. He will not deliberately go out of his way to harm those who are around him, however he is willing to use those around him to achieve his goal and any that get in his way will be removed, forcibly or otherwise. Wrrlirr has no strong allegiance to either the Sith or the Republic at the moment, however he is currently leaning towards the republic; the Corellian was sympathetic to the republic cause more often than not; often charging less for the same job. Wrrlirr does not know what he will do if he does achieve this goal, although he supposes he will set about re-earning his original name, Stabacca.


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