Black Nova

Privateer Freighter Ship


A state of the art freighter ship, the Black Nova has enough room to fit at least 1 pilot and 9 passengers. It has the ability to go through hyperspace through an on-board hyperdrive. It has 2 cargo-holds, 2 sleeping quarters a 4-seater cockpit and numerous other rooms (including the engine room, bath room, etc)

It was purchased by the Empress Teta as a reward to Captain Vox and his crew for their efforts in the Unification Wars as their original ship, the Red Nova was destroyed by a group of thugs during one of their missions in Ronnika.
It is believed that The Exchange was behind the destruction of the Red Nova, with the intention of crippling Vox from his operations. However, it only resulted in Vox obtaining the newer and better Black Nova, which understandably caused the Exchange to take more drastic actions, such as assassination attempts against Vox’s crew.

Black Nova

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