Mesh Tape

A very handy material that is recommended for all space adventurers to have


An adhesive material that is usually sold in rolls of a few metres long. Mesh tape is made of very dense fibers of various filaments (titanium, aeromesh, heavy durasteel) which makes it a very durable piece of adhesive; although its versatility is still astonishing.

Mesh tape is very cheap and has endless possible uses, making it a necessity for any sentient being regardless of where they are in the galaxy. There have been many known instances where mesh tape has played a vital role in crucial events throughout history.
The latest of which was when a Twi’lek Runan’olan advised a wookiee named Wrrlir to use mesh tape to help them retract a datapad containing the mischievous plans of Corsis Baal from a collapsing building.


Mesh Tape

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