Runan's Datapad


A datapad is a small electronic device mainly used to store and present information. Most datapads are able to interact with other electronic devices, and are commonly used as personal notebooks, day planners, calculators and sketchpads.

This specific datapad is owned by the Twi’lek exile Runan’Olan.
It is a small datapad that was mostly used to store information on his adventures as a crew member of the Black Nova.

It also contains information that he either deems valuable, or of some importance to the other crew members of the Black Nova. This specific datapad was used to record a holocall conversation between the crew and one of the heads of of The Exchange during a trip to Kashyyyk.

Some other information saved on the datapad are:
Corsis Baal and the ruckus in Ronnika
Our arrival in Coruscant and the chaos that follows
The Heroic deaths of our companions
The dinner with the Empress, and our trip to Kashyyyk


Runan's Datapad

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