Koros Major


The main planet of the Koros system and also capital. Newly part of The Republic it is goverened by the Empress Teta. Known for it’s wealth of carbonite mining, the system was flourishing financially until the outbreak of the Unification Wars.

In an attempt to standardise mining standards and laws across all the planets of the Koros system, Empress Teta began the move to unite the seven planets. Met with general enthusiasm the majority of the Planets agreed however it was met opposition. Corsis Baal, a mining aristocrat, became the figurehead for the opposition, fighting to maintain the cheap slave labor that he and his associates had come to enjoy.

Although empassioned, things remained on a diplomatic level until a failed assassination attempt an simulatneous invasion by Baal, spurred the system into a civil war. Although commanding a smaller force, Baal has greater finance to draw from and his force is greatly bolstered by mercenary numbers.

Koros Major

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