Slash Vizla

The Story of Slash Vizla
and a Twi’lek’s search for Elor Tenash

Star wars  the old republic 27210

Name: Slash Vizla
Race: Human
Skin: White
Eyes: Brown
Age: 35
Homeworld: Corellia
Occupation: Smuggler

For the story of the interrogation at the Nar Shaddaa cantina, click HERE (coming soon)

Having recently finished a huge smuggling operation in the outer rim, Slash decided to make a stop in Nar Shaddaa to ease up and relax before he collects the rest of his payment in Nal Hutta. Hoping to get a new operation, he deliberately went to a cantina that is known to cater only for 2 types of people: 1) those who are looking for work, and 2) those who are offering work. However, it seemed that luck isn’t on Slash’s side, as there were barely any customers that entered the cantina that afternoon.

Slash planned on going back to his ship after he finishes his drink when a Twi’lek and a Wookiee entered the cantina. Obviously foreign to this type of environment, Slash watched them closely as they made their way around the cantina. Eventually, other people lost interest in these new visitors, but Slash was genuinely curious.

The Twi’lek approached Slash and introduced himself to be a rich enterpreneur who wishes to start a business in slavery. Their conversation quickly lead to Elor Tenash, and it wasn’t long until Slash realised that there is no business here. However, for some reason, he had a sense of likeliness to the Twi’lek, and opted to give him all the information he asked. This is when the Twi’lek reunited with a Gungan and a Human before leaving the cantina.

Slash shrugged off the weird encounter, until the next morning when he saw the odd party at a busy market. He followed the Twi’lek around all day, eventually ending outside a massive warehouse guarded by Twi’lek mercenaries. Slash watched from a distance as the party infiltrated the warehouse. After a couple of hours, the party emerged with the Twi’lek and the wookiee unconscious.

Intrigued more than ever, Slash followed the party as they made their way to a grand freighter ship – the Black Nova.

to be continued…

Slash Vizla

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