Unification Wars

A civil war that engulfed the Koros System. Originally a war to unite the seven planets of Koros, at its root it had a goal of liberating and unifying the miners of Koros. The movement began with Empress Teta attempting to peacefully unite the planets and regulate mining laws, however it was met with fierce resistance amongst many of the Mining aristocracy.

It stayed a fierce political conflict until Corsis Baal, leader of the opposition, staged an attempted coup and assassination of the Empress.

The war exploded rapidly, although Empress Teta commanded five of the seven planets, Baal had greater financial resources and was able to summon an army of mercenaries to heavily bolster his ranks.

Eventually Empress Teta requested aid from The Republic but was refused by the Senate. However, the Jedi Council heard the pleas and responded by sending Jedi Master Ooroo to help mediate an end to the conflict.

After Master Ooroo entered the fray, Baal, suffered a heavy defeat at Phoros and was forced to retreat to his capital of Ronnika. Here he accepted Master Ooroo’s peace offers but only as an attempt to kidnap the powerful Jedi. Saved by his apprentice and the crew of Silus Vox, Baal was killed in the conflict, drawing an end to the Unification Wars.

Unification Wars

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