Great Hyperspace War Campaign

Great Hyperspace War - Session 3

((I can’t rmmbr the name of the docking officer))

Lately I’ve been reading about the tales of great Twi’leks who have achieved considerable greatness through their skills in entrepreneurship. I was reading about the legend of a specific Twi’lek called Ryun Ven, who owned a very expensive mineral. He was known to sell the mineral at a considerably low price, however, unknown to all, he sneaks into the homes of his customers to steal the mineral back; doing the same process over and over again, until he became the richest Twi’lek in that area of the galaxy. As I was reading in my quarters, thinking about how riches can allow me to liberate Ryloth from slavery, I’ve realised the quietness in our new ship, the Black Nova.
I got up and walked into the cockpit where I saw all my companions. I approached Vox to ask him about his thoughts regarding our recent experience in the planet of Ronnika. He seemed fine, and so did everyone else. So after checking our supplies, I came back to my quarters to wait for our landing in Coruscant.

We landed in Coruscant and were greeted by the landing officer. It took me a while to recognise him, but as soon as I did ________ told me of news of a young maiden who operates a new cortosis mine in the nearby planet of Nessam. I told Vox of this information and he seemed to be keen on checking out the planet himself. I thanked _____ and told him that we’d visit Nessam soon; and with that, Vox sent us off to find supplies while Master Ooroo meets with his fellow Jedi Masters regarding the upcoming Sith invasion.

In search for good bargains, we ended up in the Under City where we were able to refill our supplies and get upgrades for the ship. I also visited the armoury where I purchased a second vibroblade and another blaster pistol to give as a present for Vox. We sent Punar to go back and watch over the ship as we continued to venture around in the Undercity for any additional purchase. We walked past a band of armed men, escorting a cuffed wookie towards a small alleyway. Wrrlir pulled out his bowcaster, but I told him to drop his weapon as I tried to inquire about the situation. They dismissed my question, and so Wrrlir aimed his bowcaster towards them. I asked again one last time, but they seemed to be in a hurry. I quickly pulled out my 2 pistols and fired at one of the men, immediately killing him. Kylar killed the other as the last one ran away. I chased him into a room and was surprised to see 2 battle droids aiming at me, but he was nowhere to be found. I head into another room and saw 4 deactivated droids. I point my gun at the man’s foot, trying to reason out with him, to stop him from activating the battle droids. Thinking that I had the situation under control, I relaxed my arms when all at once, all the droids in the room were animated, I heard a massive bang from the other room, and I fired both of my pistols hitting the man square in the chest, killing him immediately. Wrrlir rushed into the room and quickly ran towards the computer. I grabbed an ion grenade from his belt and threw it across the room towards the droids, destroying a couple of them, but the other 2 raised their rifles and fired towards me.

I woke up a few minutes later, delirious, until I realised that I have been shot with stun blasters. We discovered a hidden compartment that led to a room filled with 32 other droids. We found a switch that revealed a secret stairs. We went down the stairs and discovered an incinerator holding 2 wookies and 5 Twi’leks as prisoners. We freed them and asked them to come with us to Vox at the Black Nova.

We approach the Black Nova, and I exclaimed how I had a bad feeling about the situation. We entered to see that it was empty despite the fact that we sent Punar to watch over the ship a few hours ago. We started looking all over the Black Nova when I felt a sharp stinging pain at the back of my foot. A few seconds later, I started feeling light-headed and felt like I was about to vomit. I woke up half an hour later feeling the same. I saw the Twi’leks and one of the wookies lying dead, being taken away to be buried. I looked around and saw a number of dead Kouhons around me. We were targeted by assassins!

We went through the security footage and saw a couple of Rodians plant the Kouhons inside the Black Nova. We also saw them plant a tracking bug in a hidden compartment in the ship. Vox told us that he used to smuggle important items from the Exchange, but he had the habit of stealing the shipments. He told us that by destroying the Red Nova, the Exchange hoped to cripple Vox’s operations. The fact that he just got a newer and better ship just angered them even more, and now they are out to kill the next most important thing to Vox – his crew.
Upon closer inspection of the ship, we found an unknown datapad that only says “Krida”. I’ve heard of Krida before. He is the Senator for the planet Rodia, and is known to be very brashed and determined. Unsure of what the datapad could mean, we approached Master Ooroo and informed him of what had conspired. The Jedi master wasn’t sure what to make of the situation as well, so I told him that I will need to keep a close eye on the Senator. I believe he was either in danger, or the source of the danger himself.

We all went to the Senator’s home in Coruscant where we were welcomed by the Rodian politician. He was very open about his main reason for supporting us in this debate of whether or not to spend Republic effort in preparing against a Sith invasion. I stood up and talked to one of his Twi’lek servants. She was of absolute beauty, and so I approached her with different intentions. For some reason, I am particularly wary of the Rodian. Probably because his wit shadows mine, and that made me feel insecure. I talked to the Twi’lek about Krida, and she said that although she was cautious at first, she had come to learn that Krida was a good master. I asked her about Ryloth, not learning much from her, and when I asked her out, she dismissed my offer.

As we exit Krida’s home, I stayed behind him, unsure of anything he might do against us. I am aware that it is treason to accuse a senator of such things, but safety is my first concern. I saw a blaster shot fire across the plaza, hitting Krida on the chest. We see 4 armed men approaching from the other side of the plaza when Krida was shot once again, knocking him unconscious. I told everyone what to do, as I dragged Krida to cover. An intense battle erupted, as I took Krida with me to an empty 2-seater speeder. More men came until 2 20 metre war droids marched into the main plaza. Punar tried to stun one of the enemies in the hope of interrogating him later on, but as he was doing so, he was shot by another man. The battle lasted for a while, until eventually we managed to finish the attackers, after I blew up the last droid.
The senate guards came along with Master Ooroo, and allowed Kylar to investigate the attack.
Needing a good rest, I left the others to investigate on the issue. They regularly contacted me to assist them with any knowledge I might have. The group have concluded that the Exchange is the cause of all these attempts on our lives, although I am fairly certain that 8 thugs and 2 war droids isn’t something the Exchange would do, and it’s pretty hard to think that the Exchange could get 2 gigantic war droids into Coruscant.

I called Empress Teta and asked her to come to Coruscant, believing that her presence can help shift the senators’ votes in our favour, however she believes the complete opposite and refused. She has a particular dislike against Senator Dain, the leader of the opposition, senate representative from Alderaan. The Empress transferred some funds to us to help us recover from the multiple attacks that we have experienced. I cannot help but think that the Empress is starting to have a feeling of appreciation towards me. But then again, she’s an empress and I’m nothing but a mere grunt of the Republic.

I went shopping for more supplies and some extra firepower just in case we end up getting attacked once again. I found out a bit more about Senator Elara Dain through the locals. I came back to our quarters and told them everything I know about the Alderaan senator. We all went to visit her in an attempt to get her support, which would obviously make a huge difference in our efforts. Kylar tried to talk to Dain, and it was clear to me that the young Jedi isn’t that familiar with diplomacy and politics. I took over the conversation and mentioned how an enemy that we don’t know about is the type that is the most to be feared of, and that if we don’t prepare against a Sith invasion, we will be caught off guard. We discussed for a while, and when I told her that “I’d rather risk time and effort, than risk millions of lives”, she finally agreed to support our cause. She handed me a list of senators who can give us additional support in the debate. We set out to talk to them, and told them our stories, and they promised their support in the special senate meeting on the next day.

The moment finally came when we had to address the Republic’s Senate. After speaking for what seemed to be an eternity, we managed to finally get the Senate to believe us and agree for a full scale Republic defence against a Sith invasion. Suddenly, we heard 2 massive explosions as an fleet of exotically designed ships fired at the building we were in. I hear Krida scream “ The Sith! They are here”…..

((to be continued))



btw, Paul pointed out that during the battle at the plaza, he was shot down by a war droid and not a grunt..
Well it was done in purpose, as during battle I won’t really be paying attention to such details, especially since I’m all the way across the plaza

Great Hyperspace War - Session 3
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